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Combining your unique way of working with our best practices

Optimizing your workflow, fast and simple

For many organisations that our consultants encounter organisational growth leads to bottlenecks in complex business processes. More than once we see that business processes become executed more often, more colleagues are involved in the process, in many different systems information needs to be gathered and stored and all kinds of customer specific exceptions are being made. Questions arise like: how do I create an overview of work in different stages? How do I create management overviews? How do I prevent errors because of many manual labor intensive actions? What part of my business processes can I automate so I can focus on what’s really important? How do I ensure a single source of truth? How are we able to work more efficiently? At BlockBrains we handle many of these questions on a daily basis. The answer is our Worfklow Optimizer!

Say goodbye to Excel and your current non-functional workflow tool

Unfortunately we often see that standard off the shelf software does not meet the expectations of their users. The software is not exclusively designed for your organization’s processes, offers to little support and makes your daily work cumbersome. As a consequence workarounds and all kinds of Excel files are created because these offer users the freedom they seek. 

At BlockBrains we believe that your unique business process should be the starting point for the software you use. It should work for you and not against you. From this perspective we developed the Workflow Optimizer. It is a solution template fully packed with our best practices that we learned in the field of workflow optimization. The software can be configured by our consultants as desired to make a seamless fit between the software and the needs of your organization.

We deliver a 100% match between functionalities and requirements

Our Workflow Optimizer enables your organization to quickly and approachably start to optimize your business processes. A selection of proces steps as an example:

  1. Order intake
  2. Assign to colleagues with the right expertise and availability
  3. Execution of the tasks to be done
  4. Capture the audit trail
  5. Sending the invoice

These steps are configured based on the process of your organization combined with our experience and best practices. So now you can focus on process improvement, efficiency and quality.

Combining our best practices and your unique business processes in one state of the art and flexible application

With the Workflow Optimizer from BlockBrains you combine our extensive experience in the field of process optimization and automation with your unique business processes. This results in an application that precisely fits the needs of your organization and covers the requirements for 100%. BlockBrains helps from the requirements gathering phase right until the adoption of the newly created application and further. 

  1. Maximum grip and control based on realtime management reporting
  2. 100% match between requirements and functionality
  3. A future proof no code cloud based solution

Take a look at the Workflow Optimizer in action at Precon Consulting Group

Précon Consulting Group is a leading consultancy in the food industry, specializing in areas like safety, sustainability, quality management and organizational development. Every day, they advise, train and support customers within a complex international field of food regulations and legislation.

Recently, Précon expanded its activities with a new non-food division. The problem was that this new division used a different case management system (CMS), its own applications and reporting methods, resulting in misalignment between both divisions. That’s why Précon wanted to establish more synergy through a single system.

The Worfklow Optimizer is a personal solution that suits your organization. Software that meets your needs and saves costs through the use of no-code software technology.

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