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How can I quickly adapt my business processes to today’s reality? Have I set up my current communication channels correctly? Do I need to adapt or replace my existing CRM and ERP system? Is there too much work being done in Excel within my organisation? How do my business processes become more effective through innovation? Just a few of the questions we get from our customers and the answers to them are of course different for each organisation.

Say goodbye to Excel.

We experience that the standard solutions for business processes are no longer sufficient in many situations and that the speed with which you respond to your business needs must be increased significantly. Especially if the demand from the business grows faster than the required IT capacity in the coming years. How do you as an organization transform your business needs into concrete digital solutions? We help you find the answer to that question!


Our QuickScan accelerates your digitization.

With the help of our experienced business and no-code software consultants, we help organizations to efficiently optimize business processes and design the best digital solution. With our QuickScan it is immediately determined to what extent your current business processes meet the needs of the user and where profits can be made right now.


Process optimization is fun, simple and can be carried out quickly.

With our QuickScan your blind spots will be mapped and quick wins identified. Your organisation will receive concrete advice on how to save costs by developing digital applications with no-code technology from Betty Blocks. In this way you have taken your first step and you and your organization are ready for the reality of today.

Our approach:

  1. Experienced consultants will analyse your current way of working to see if it still meets today’s reality
  2. Proposal to innovate smarter using no-code software development
  3. Design of your first no-code software solution

What does our QuickScan ultimately deliver for your organization? See below how Précon uses our software solutions to create new opportunities.

The result of our QuickScan is a personal roadmap for the development of software applications that realise awareness, connection and efficiency.

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