Smart Product Development Application

If investing in a comprehensive PLM/PDM/PIM solution is a bridge too far.

Get ready for a 100% match between needs & functionalities. It exists!

As a retail or wholesale specialist, how can I quickly adapt the development of my products to today’s reality? How do I keep an overview and grip on parallel running business processes? How can I reduce the administrative burden and keep focus on what really matters? How do I prevent errors as a result of copying and pasting? How do I ensure one source of truth? Process control and margin calculations in Excel, couldn’t you be smarter? Just a few of the questions we get and our answer is the Smart Product Development App (SPDA) from BlockBrains.


Say goodbye to Excel.

In our experience, standard solutions for the product development process are not sufficient in many situations. You are forced to conform your business processes to the working method that a standard package enforces. The way of working in which your organisation distinguishes itself does not fit into such a package. It becomes cumbersome and the system feels like a burden instead of support. In addition, we see in practice that being able to respond quickly to changing market conditions is very important in order not to lose the competitive edge. At BlockBrains we believe that software can be adapted at any time and should be able to move with the market.

Grip and control of product development, product composition, lead times, deadlines and profitability is extremely important in this day. The working method is often still too complex with many different stakeholders. The current market conditions call for a different approach. An approach that really fits the needs of your end user.

Process optimization is fun, simple and can be carried out quickly.

From product design to selecting the right materials, streamlining the procurement process and working with your suppliers and manufacturers. It is a complex business process with several steps. Don’t worry! With the commitment of our experienced consultants, we help identify your blind spots and come up with the best personal interpretation of your SPDA solution for a streamlined product development process.

Best practices, no-code software development and domain knowledge in one solution.

With the SPDA solution from BlockBrains you are assured of years of knowledge and experience in the retail and wholesale sector, smart software techniques, support and assistance. We develop what your organisation needs and use building blocks from our best practices for your personal interpretation. In this way, your organisation creates structural grip and control over the product development process, resulting in more time and personal attention for your customers.

  1. Grip and control of your product development
  2. 100% fit: wishes & functionalities
  3. No code cloud based solution

Check out our SPDA solution at Stationery Team.

Stationery Team Europe is a company that develops and sells school supplies – bags – accessories. BlockBrains has developed a product data management solution for STE. With the new Smart Product Development Application, STE has full grip and control to streamline the process from the initial development of an item to delivery to the customer.

Smart Product Development Application is a personal solution that suits your organization. Software that meets your needs and saves costs through the use of no-code software technology.

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