Let’s build the impossible

We are the BlockBrains

Our services

At BlockBrains, Betty Blocks is what we do. As a certified Betty Blocks partner and reseller we deliver a wide range of services. We help you get started. From getting you the right Betty Blocks license, analyse your business process, prototype and develop the best Betty Block App.  Or maintain your existing Betty Blocks Apps. Your journey starts here!

So how can you innovate?

Betty Blocks enables you to develop systems of innovation. Whether it are mobile, backoffice or portal Apps. Everything is aimed for increase of business agility.

Mobile Apps

Develop your mobile apps. Multi-device and cross platform ready and accessible everywhere. For example, your rrder Intake app or apps for claims management, cost declarations or time registration apps.

Backoffice Apps

Or develop your back ofice Apps with the standardized back office functionality for workflow driven and back office processes like CRM, project administrations, product management, repair and maintenance activities or order intake and handling.

Portals and Web Apps

Develop your portals and web apps. With the UI Builder we quickly and easily build any unique frontend for your specific needs. Customer and supplier portals, store and social collaboration portals or websites for registration processes.

And how we deliver these apps?

With a team of BettyBlocks enthusiasts who believe in the power of no-code.

BlockBrains Consultant

He analyses the process and makes your business smarter by designing the best possible solution. He transforms your needs or ideas into working concepts or prototypes.

UX developer

He brings your ideas to live! He takes responsibility for the experience of all users within the process and makes sure there is an excellent and user-friendly customer journey.

Betty Blocks Developer

This is the guy who knows everything about the Betty Blocks Platform. Loves to model your business process and logic into the best Betty Blocks Apps there are. Between Business and IT is where the magic happens.

Frontend developer

He’s responsible for a smooth working frontend and makes sure all the designs, visual effects and interactions work seamlessly in every browser. He loves to work with HTML, CSS and different types of Javascript.

BlockBrains Support Engineer

He loves to solve problems and further enhance your Apps. He understands your business and has knowledge of your BettyBlocks Apps. Speed, flexibility and quality is secured!