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Agile, Fast, Flexible, Fun, Excited and Proud

Our method

We support our customers during every phase of the project. From strategy and concepting till development, testing and adoption the App in the business.

We are strong believers of an Agile Development process, where focus is on speed and full transparency. For that reason, we have a team of in-house experts and skilled Betty Blocks enthusiasts ready for every phase of your project and need.


To turn every great idea, every business opportunity or every way to optimize a business process into a success, you need to be business savvy,

At BlockBrains we have the knowledge and background to challenge the unknown, to think out of the box and come with innovative and inspiring ideas. We take your process or business opportunity and analyse it as our starting point for building your digital transformation.

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BlockBrains is specialized in the no-code platform Betty Blocks and is able to develop the best mobile, web- and portal applications.

We get the most out of the Betty Blocks platform using all the platform capabilities like visual modelling and the User Interface builder. Complex code is replaced by a drag-and-drop interface so that different web pages can be put together easily. In combination with any kind of JS framework like Angular, React or Vue.js there are no limits to create the best customer journey there is.

With the available content from the Block store application parts can be re-used for even faster development.


Start your journey!

Building your digital transformation.

Step by step, block by block.


At BlockBrains we get the most out of your backend systems. Keep your CRM, ERP or logistics systems as standard as possible and start your digital transformation journey by adding innovative capabilities using the BettyBlocks platform. The platform easily integrates with all kinds of backend systems like Microsoft, SAP or Oracle and webservices like Salesforce, Dropbox, Slack and Mailchimp. Custom integrations via JSON REST or webservices can easily be added to your Betty Blocks App.



Innovation never stops. Business and processes keep changing. As an organization you have invested in the development of your Betty Blocks Apps. You want these apps to keep running smoothly and be adjusted in a blink of an eye. At BlockBrains we have a dedicated team of Betty Blocks experts to maintain and keep your Betty Blocks apps up to date so your business doesn’t stop. At BlockBrains you can count on the right level of knowledge, speed and quality. Are you interested?