Process optimization through digitization at Précon

In January 2019, BlockBrains started optimizing the key work processes for Précon based on the Betty Blocks platform. Précon is the market leader and still growing in the field of product safety, quality and sustainability. The company sets its boundaries based on its expertise in food, non-food, governance and learning.

Précon continues to expand

In the last year, Précon has experienced considerable growth, which has resulted in an increase in the number of processes. The extra processes had their own workload and workflow management. And due to the increasing number of projects, the margin of error also increased considerably. The need arose for an application that supports Précon’s current workflow and ensures that Précon can serve its customers even better. With the help of BlockBrains, there is now an opportunity for change.

First results

The first results have already been delivered. BlockBrains has developed a new self-service portal based on the Betty Blocks no-code platform. Using this portal, Précon can receive, assign, track and invoice requests from customers. With the new application customers have real-time insight into the order status. In addition, direct data exchange between Précon and its customer can take place in a secure environment. In the meantime, a start has also been made with expanding the application for similar services in the field of non-food. This department already uses a workflow portal. The functions of this existing portal will be accommodated in the new application, developed by BlockBrains.

“Within 5 months the application was ready to start the pilot. Eventually this application will save us time and therefore operational costs.  We also expect that the application will better support the communication with our customers. In addition, the platform offers us the opportunity to structurally respond to changes in the business.”

Rien van Alphen – IT manager Precon

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Process optimization through digitization at Précon
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