Partner Agreement: Start-up BlockBrains as dedicated Betty Blocks partner

Press Release

Press Release
Start-up BlockBrains enters market as dedicated Betty Blocks partner

The new company BlockBrains, from The Netherlands, has started today as a dedicated partner of no-code supplier Betty Blocks. The Founders of BlockBrains, Kay Lankheet and Allard Brand, want to close the existing gap between business and IT. No-code platforms enables businesses with the development of business applications without indepth IT knowledge. This allows organizations to turn insights from the market into flexible, innovative IT solutions. In the future, code will increasingly disappear into the background and Lankheet and Brand have therefore started looking for a platform that supports this vision. A match was found with Betty Blocks, a typically Dutch company that is making significant progress internationally with their fresh perspective on software development. The first customer of BlockBrains is Précon Group, for which the organization develops a workflow application.

No code accelerates innovation

The speed with which applications are developed needs to increase considerably. That is why BlockBrains develops, together with the business side of organizations, smart solutions for processes based on no-code, where standard software isn’t an option. With this, the organization focuses on innovative companies that want to stay ahead of the competition and use flexible software solutions to keep moving in future changing markets. The no-code platform Betty Blocks automates a large part of the tasks that take a lot of time in traditional application development. A big advantage is that, through the use of visual modeling, people without development knowledge also understand and see what happens in the development process. In addition, the user interface is easy to modify and new functionalities can be developed in a web-based environment. In this way BlockBrains makes it possible for companies to innovate faster.


Kay Lankheet, founder of BlockBrains: “With both ten years of experience in software development, Allard and I are looking forward to entrepreneurship. From our knowledge and experience in the low-code market, it is a small step to the no-code platform of Betty Blocks. In addition to a challenging growth ambition, our goal is to become the number one Betty Blocks partner. We’ll do this by fully dedicating ourselves to the excellent delivery of projects and long-term relationships with the customer. We can tackle the delivery of a project from design to support from one team. We believe that technical knowledge of software development is only part of the whole. Questioning where necessary and our critical attitude make us not only develop technically sound applications, but also that they seamlessly match the needs of the user. ”

“The clear match and the resulting partnership between Betty Blocks and BlockBrains is based on the same vision on software development. Nowadays, software development is everyone’s business, regardless of whether a company is in the technology space or not. The need for software is explosive. BlockBrains gives companies the opportunity to innovate quickly and that is exactly what we stand for.”

Tom Oudhuis – VP of Channel Sales @ Betty Blocks


Partner Agreement: Start-up BlockBrains as dedicated Betty Blocks partner
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