Meet our new developer, Vincent!

We’re getting bigger and bigger, so that means we have to hire some great new people! And we succeeded, because we’ve hired Vincent. Of course you also want to get to know Vincent better, that’s why we asked him a few short questions about himself.

Who’s Vincent?

My name is Vincent van Breugel and I’ve been working as a software developer for the past six years. I love to build applications that offer a great user experience. As a front-end developer at BlockBrains i’m responsible for designing and implementing the technical solutions for our clients. A performant, accessible and maintainable front-end is what I’ll be focussing on.

Why did you choose BlockBrains?

What attracted me to this position at BlockBrains was the opportunity to work on different projects from start to finish.From the initial planning of a project, to the design and building phases to the delivery of the software solution. In all these steps I get to work in close collaboration with the customer in order to make sure that the solution that we are building matches the expectations and the needs of the customer. I was also interested in the challenge to create high quality applications with a small team, and to work on building and improving our workflows and processes. BlockBrains is a startup, which means that each team member needs to carry quite a bit of responsibility and that’s an environment that suits me.

What did you do in your first month?

The idea was to hit the ground running during my first month, and that’s certainly what happened. In the first week i’ve got an overview of our processes and the way we build our applications. The second week I immediately started on my first project. Starting on a project so soon was challenging in the beginning, but everybody has been super helpful and supportive, so I think that was a great start.

Which moment was the best?

I especially liked the product demo at the end of my first development sprint. During this demo we showed our sprint deliverables to the client and collected feedback for the next sprint. It was a good feeling to be able to deliver something so quickly and to show it to the customer.

What do you like best about your colleagues?

I’m still getting to know my colleagues of course, but what I like the most so far is that everybody has been very friendly and welcoming. Furthermore, everybody in the team is highly motivated and focussed on improving the way we build our applications so that we can deliver the best possible solution to the customer. There is a strong focus on the end-product.

Why should your friends also need to join BlockBrains?

What stood out to me during my first month was that you get a lot of freedom in how you want to do your work. There is no micromanagement at BlockBrains. We are currently a small team with a lot of interesting projects. There are a lot of opportunities for new employees to develop their skill sets, and also to learn new and different things.

Meet our new developer, Vincent!
Djoeke Dekker