Meet our new developer, Matthijs!

We’re getting bigger and bigger, so that means we have to hire some great new people! And we succeeded, because we’ve hired Matthijs.
Of course you also want to get to know Matthijs better, that’s why we asked him a few short questions about himself.

Who’s Matthijs?

I am a frontend developer from Zutphen, where I live with my cat and my girlfriend (in no particular order). I like to develop modern frontend code, using bleeding edge technologies if possible to deliver maximum value to customers.

Why did you choose BlockBrains?

The chance to work in a small team and quickly produce applications for different customers attracted me. The different constraints in both time, division of attention and technology from my previous work present an interesting challenge.

What did you do in your first month?

I scouted the technology landscape we use, met the people I’ll be working / cooperating with and did some minor bugfixing in existing applications to get a feel for things. I also did some prototyping for a new client, to figure out a way of working on the frontend that is both modern and meshes well with Betty Blocks.

Which moment was the best?

Finding out that my preferred way of working (modern frontend using Vue and a build-step for the nerdy reader) is almost completely possible, giving us the maximum benefit from both that and the Betty Blocks platform.

Who’s your future favorite colleague?

That would probably have to be Remco, our UX/UI designer. He will be the one I’ll be working most closely with in tuning our UI to be as user-friendly as possible. But in general I hope we can all come to work as a well-oiled machine, churning out functional and beautiful apps. You know, singing around the campfire, kumbaya, all that jazz.

Why should your friends also need to join BlockBrains?

Because we’re going places! Which places, no idea, but we’re moving fast :).
Meet our new developer, Matthijs!
Djoeke Dekker