Meet our new developer, Dylan!

We’re getting bigger and bigger, so that means we have to hire some great new people! And we succeeded, because we’ve hired Dylan. Of course you also want to get to know Dylan better, that’s why we asked him a few short questions about himself.

Who’s Dylan?

I am Dylan Gomez Vazquez, a 21 year old software engineer who was born and raised in Utrecht. I graduated last summer, which makes this my very first fully fledged full time job. Besides working I love travelling to obscure places, trying out new recipes I’ve found on Instagram and lifting heavy things.

Why did you choose BlockBrains?

With this being my first full time job I had to make sure I knew what I was getting myself into. BlockBrains had a clear plan and made sure everything I needed to know as a starter was covered. The projects and the ‘low-code’, ‘no-code’ concepts provide a fun challenge for me which made me really excited to start this journey with BlockBrains.

What did you do in your first month?

Well, besides tipping over a (pretty big) vase and getting used to waking up early I had learn to get used to how BettyBlocks works. I’ve never worked with BettyBlocks which made my first month an interesting challenge to get to grips with the application. Besides that I started working on the front-end of one of the projects. 

Which moment was the best?

Getting to know new people and getting to work on a new application were the most fun things I’ve done here so far. The atmosphere in the office is really nice and being welcomed in this way has been great. 

Who’s your future favorite colleague?

There has been one colleague that always gives me a warm welcome in the morning and gets me through the day, which is the coffee machine. But in all seriousness, I enjoy working with all the colleagues so far and can’t wait to finish some projects with them!

Why should your friends also need to join BlockBrains?

Because we have great coffee, and we make quality software of course :).
Meet our new developer, Dylan!
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