Meet our new developer Daniël!

We’re getting bigger and bigger, so that means we have to hire some new great people! And we succeeded, because we’ve hired Daniël.
Of course you also want to get to know Daniël better, that’s why we asked him a few short questions about himself.

Who’s Daniël?

Well, I’m Daniël Smits, 24 years old and born in Wilp (a little village in The Netherlands). I’ve studied business administration at the Nyenrode Business University in Amsterdam. Besides my classes, I’ve teached myself some programming skills in JavaScript. After traveling the world and gaining some work experience as a freelancer, it was time to get a job as a developer.

Why did you choose BlockBrains?

Well actually, they choose me ;). A recruiter contacted me about the jobs at BlockBrains. During the job interviews i’ve got the feeling that BlockBrains was a good place to become a good developer. So therefore I’m here now!

What are you going to do in your first week?

In my first week I want to get to know the Betty Blocks platform by practicing some cases. And of course I would like to spend some time with my new colleagues.

Which moment was the best?

Well, we did a pup-quiz with some of our colleagues. Even though my team finished second to last.. Besides that, it gave me a boost when I first made something on the Betty Blocks platform that worked the way I wanted it to.

Who’s your future favorite colleague?

That is still a competition going on between them.

Why should your friends also need to join BlockBrains?

BlockBrains is a cool start-up where you get plenty of room to develop yourself and you can also make a lot of impact because of the small scale of the company.
Meet our new developer Daniël!
Djoeke Dekker