First group of companies uses The New Digital and takes a digital step forward

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The New Digital, the platform that helps companies prepare for today’s realities concerning digital strategy. Through this online platform, companies come into contact with specialists in the field of process optimization and digitization.

Digitization more relevant than ever

The COVID-19 crisis has made many companies realize that a digital strategy makes them more flexible and future-proof. But sometimes it is unclear exactly what steps they can take to digitize their current services.

“The one and a half meter society will eventually pass by, but the insights gained by companies during this crisis are permanent.” Justin Bunnik – Initiator The New Digital

The COVID-19 crisis has made many people realize that their business operations can also be done differently. Think of working from home more often, the office a day less open during the week, flexible working hours and ways to let employees actively contribute to digital innovation – also known as citizen development.

With a strong digital infrastructure, these kinds of new ways of working can be easily realized. The new normal is therefore mainly a new perspective on work. A digital way of thinking that contributes to flexible business operations and a healthier company.

Business consultancy

Via The New Digital, companies can request advice free of charge and without obligation. BlockBrains makes its consultants available for advice and answering questions. Topics such as better reaching customers, solving inefficient work processes and smarter innovation have already been addressed by The New Digital consultants.

About The New Digital

The New Digital is an initiative of BlockBrains and EsperantoXL in collaboration with software partner Betty Blocks. These experts in low-code application development provide their IT knowledge, skills and experience without obligation via this platform.

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First group of companies uses The New Digital and takes a digital step forward
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