BlockBrains nominated as Betty Blocks’ Partner of the Year

Wow! We’re so proud. BlockBrains is nominated as Betty Blocks’ Partner of the Year and Newcomer of the Year !

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Partner of the Year

With this award, we’re honoring the partner that carries out the Betty Blocks vision in a number of ways and has proven to be an outstanding advocate of no-code. Every single one of our partners have done amazing stuff this year so choosing just 3 nominees wasn’t easy. BlockBrains has taken the leap from low-code to no-code development with a team of dedicated Betty Blocks experts. BlockBrains has a reputation for creating seamless, well-rounded solutions for business, IT, and technical purposes.

Newcomer of the Year

The Newcomer of the Year category is dedicated to companies that quickly hit their stride with no-code and immediately proved to be a perfect match for Betty Blocks. In short, partners who took a bold new step into no-code development and gave a masterclass on successful implementation. From BlockBrains’ knowledge and experience in the low-code market, it was a small step to the no-code platform of Betty Blocks. In addition to challenging themselves with an ambitious growth plan, their goal is to become the number one Betty Blocks strategic implementation and application development partner.

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BlockBrains nominated as Betty Blocks’ Partner of the Year
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