BlockBrains’ new customer: Zorg van de Zaak

Our new customer

Last week, BlockBrains signed a new contract with Zorg van de Zaak. Zorg van de Zaak is a network of companies in the field of company care, lifestyle care and medical care with more than 5000 employees. From more than 60 locations across the country, Zorg van de Zaak serves 71,000 employers and 1.5 million employees, making Zorg van de Zaak the market leader in the Netherlands.


Zorg van de Zaak is in a transition to digitize its most critical business processes and to be able to offer its services to customers 24/7. An employer portal and an employee portal have already been set up to support the absence processes. These solutions do not yet exist for the Health Services department. However, there is also a great desire to make service provision in portal form available to employers and employees 24/7. Zorg van de Zaak has asked BlockBrains to make an inventory of the business requirements in terms of inspections and voluntary investigations. And to develop a completely new inspection portal based on business needs that enables Zorg van de Zaak to initiate a transition to a 24/7 service.

Stay tuned

We will keep you posted about the development of the Zorg van de Zaak applications. In the meantime we are always open for new projects. Do you need help with analyzing your business case, designing the right solution or developing the most innovative Betty Blocks App? The BlockBrains Experts are ready for you!

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We will keep you informed about the development of the Zorg van de Zaak app.

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BlockBrains’ new customer: Zorg van de Zaak
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