BlockBrains’ new customer: Winnock

Our new customer

Last week, BlockBrains signed a new contract with Winnock. Winnock is industry leader in the field of sustainable reintegration. They quickly resolve long-term complaints together with their clients. Their projects are both national and international located. Thanks to Winnock’s proven approach, more than 35,000 clients have successfully resumed their work and are once again enjoying their work and life.


BlockBrains partners up with Winnock to automate their client communication process. Due to the growth of their client base and the amount of communication with their clients, the need emerged for an application that supports this communication flow. With the application that BlockBrains is going to develop, Winnock will be able to communicate with their clients through a client portal. The client portal will save a lot of time and administration. By now, all the communication is still being done by email. BlockBrains will digitalize and optimize this process, which makes it more customer friendly, efficient and will save a lot of time.

Stay tuned

We will keep you posted about the development of the Winnock client portal. In the meantime we are always open for new projects. Do you need help with analyzing your business case, designing the right solution or developing the most innovative Betty Blocks App? The BlockBrains Experts are ready for you!

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BlockBrains’ new customer: Winnock
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