BlockBrains’ new customer: Stationery Team

Our new customer

Last week, BlockBrains signed a new contract with Stationery Team. Stationery Team is Europe’s largest publishing company specialized in branded products, bags and accessories. The organization is known for its fresh designs, innovative products, knowledge of culture and a strong sales network in Europe and beyond. Stationery Team is currently undergoing a transition as an organization. Originally there was one delivery time per year with a seasonal item. But with its new proposition and much broader product range, this will shift to multiple delivery times per year.


Multiple delivery times per year means more orders and has a direct impact on the entire organization. Stationery Team is forced to structure the entire process from the first development of an article to the delivery to the customer and to keep a grip on all available data for the parties involved. As a result of our meetings, Stationery has asked Team BlockBrains to offer a future-proof and structural solution that fits the organization and its growth objectives. Stationery Team’s objective is to have a Product Data Management Portal in use by January 2020 that provides the need to have business needs. To achieve this, BlockBrains will develop a new application in which the business process is supported.

Stay tuned

We will keep you posted about the development of the Stationery Team application. In the meantime we are always open for new projects. Do you need help with analyzing your business case, designing the right solution or developing the most innovative Betty Blocks App? The BlockBrains Experts are ready for you!

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We will keep you informed about the development of the Stationery Team application.

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BlockBrains’ new customer: Stationery Team
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