BlockBrains’ new customer: Appel Pensioen

Our new customer

Last week, BlockBrains signed a new contract with Appel Pensioen. Appel Pensioen was founded in 2008 and is an independent pension administration office and supports pension funds in pension administration. In order to manage the increase of the numbers of clients, Appel Pensioen has asked BlockBrains to act as a structural partner for implementing the digital agenda.

BlockBrains partners up with Appel Pensioen to automate their client information process. Due to the growth of their client base and the amount of actions with their clients, the need emerged for an application that supports this workflow. With the application that BlockBrains is going to develop, Appel Pensioen will be able to manage their client information through a new mid-office portal. The new portal will save a lot of time and administration. The focus is on capturing information so that management information can be obtained. With result, all mid-office workflows are automated and large volume of actions can be processed manageably.
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We will keep you posted about the development of our Workflow Optimizer portal. In the meantime we are always open for new projects. Do you need help with analyzing your business case, designing the right solution or developing the most innovative Betty Blocks App? The BlockBrains Experts are ready for you!
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We will keep you informed about the development of the Workflow Optimizer portal for Appel Pensioen.

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BlockBrains’ new customer: Appel Pensioen
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