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About BlockBrains

BlockBrains is your number one Betty Blocks IT specialist. With a dedicated team of Betty Blocks experts and enthusiasts we deliver a wide range of services to get the most out of your Betty Blocks Apps.

We develop custom digital solutions like websites and portals, workflow systems and mobile apps. All based on the Betty Blocks platform and integrated with your existing back end systems. Betty Blocks is the first truly no-code application platform which is fast, secure, ISO27001 standardized and able to deliver your innovative and competitive needs for your digital strategy.

Our Mission

At BlockBrains we build business software. That’s what we do, always looking for the extraordinary. But we also understand that only a smooth operating and fancy looking app is not enough.

Therefore, it’s our mission to truly understand the business of our customers. We know where to stop and where to move to the next level. Always in order to create Betty Blocks Apps that put our customers in the driving seat transforming their business into great customer journeys with a smile on the App users face. That’s our mission!

Our promise!

The past is the past,

let’s focus on the future.

Why Blockbrains

At BlockBrains we believe in a personal approach. Smart, Fast, Flexible and Agile. With our team of Betty Blocks experts, we turn business ideas into distinguished Betty Blocks Apps.

Our team is experienced with relevant IT and business expertise. We are fully project oriented, meaning we have all the needed expertise in one place, from analysing your business need, developing the best Betty Blocks App and integrate it with your ERP system. But also, the functional and technical support of your Betty Blocks Apps can be entrusted to us.

So, if you want us to get more value out of your backend systems or execute on your Digital Transformation strategy and transform your ideas into innovative Betty Blocks Apps, BlockBrains is your starting point.

Our Promise

Our belief is your success. That’s our promise to you. We believe that low code and no code platforms are the future. And that the Citizen Developer will make the difference in these demanding times.

At BlockBrains we get the most out of Betty Blocks. The no code App platform for all your mobile, workflow or portal applications. Development with Betty Blocks is fast and flexible, integration with your backend systems like ERP or CRM is reliable and secure, ISO 27001.  And while using the most modern frontend technologies we create excellent and surprising customer journeys.   

Our promise! The past is the past, let’s focus on the future.

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