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Betty Blocks

Betty Blocks is the first truly no-code App Development platform. It provides users of all types with a simple and intuitive application builder that doesn’t demand extensive coding and programming experience.

It’s powerful and robust and allows you to create any type of business applications to get more value out of your existing backend systems. Enhance your Betty Blocks model with business rules and logic to optimize your process even further.

Don’t worry about device compatibility. All Betty Blocks Apps are automatically optimized for all types of devices. And of course it works seamlessly in any browser. All Betty Blocks Apps run in the cloud with the highest security and cloud management standards there are in the current marketplace. All your data is safe!

“Partnering with BlockBrains is a great addition to our network in providing innovative solutions for all organisations”

Chris Obdam – CEO Betty Blocks


Systems of Innovation

Systems of Innovation can be qualified as new applications that are developed to address new business requirements or opportunities. Typically in a very short period of time and a strong focus on customer journey and experience.

Many organizations are finding themselves with an enterprise application strategy that no longer satisfies the needs and desires of the business community.

Business leaders are looking for modern, easy-to-use applications that can be quickly deployed to solve a specific problem or respond to a market opportunity. They want to distinguish themselves, that’s the goal.

Accelerate Innovation

Betty Blocks drives innovation and fits perfectly into Gartners philosophy that all organizations should base there application needs on the Pace Layered model. Fast, flexible and adaptive. That’s how Betty Blocks develops Apps to accelarate digital transformation journeys.

Adopting a Pace-Layered Application Strategy using Betty Blocks accelerates your Innovation strength

The common idea of pace layers can be used to build a business application strategy that delivers a faster response and a better ROI, without sacrificing integration, integrity or governance.

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How you can benefit

  • Visual Modeling

    Complex code is replaced by a drag-and-drop interface so that different web pages can be put together.

  • Integrations

    Integrate with your SAP, Oracle of Microsoft ERP system to create more value and flexibility.

  • Out of the box

    With the available content from the Block store application parts can be reused for even faster development.

What we develop

  • Mobile Apps

    Develop your Order Intake App or Apps for claims management, cost declarations or time registration.

  • Portal Apps

    Customer and supplier portals, store and social collaboration portals or websites for registration and interaction purposes.

  • Backoffice Apps

    Automate workflow processes like CRM, project and product management, repair and maintenance activities or order intake and handling.


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The Forrester Wave™: Mobile Low-Code Platforms for Business Developers, Q3 2018

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The No-Code Solution to your Digital Transformation

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